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2022 Chaplains
& Seminars

Our Catholic Seminars are held on Thursday and Friday

afternoons from 12:45 p.m. to 1:45 p.m.

in the Methodist House Chapel

14 Pratt Avenue on the Brick Walk between Waugh and Bowman Avenues

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We welcome our 2024 seminar speakers, and all are welcome to attend the Chautauqua Catholic Community seminars! 


Week 1:  June 23 - June 28, 2024


THURSDAY, JUNE 27 at 12:45

Organized Stories / Organized People

The more folks honestly interact with each other with their own stories, the more possibilities there are for personal and communal growth.


Rev. Ed Noga

Pastor Emeritus, Saint Patrick Parish

Community activist

Youngstown, OH


FRIDAY, JUNE 28 at 12:45

Walking the Camino de Santiago (2024)

One Pilgrim's Experience

This talk will cover the experience of a first-time pilgrim, who with one of his best friends, walked the Camino Frances (500 miles in 35 days) last March.  I will share my thoughts, both practical and philosophical, including why I walked, how we trained, and a sampling of resources widely available for anyone considering their own pilgrimage on the Camino.  To be sure, no two pilgrim experiences are alike, but this presentation will provide perspective of one 64-year-old and the many blessings and challenges I experienced along "The Way."


Tom Lengel

Co-Host CHQ Hall of Missions

Retired in June as Headmaster,

Rosemont School of the Holy Child

Devon, PA


Week 2:  June 29 - July 5, 2024


THURSDAY, JULY 4 at 12:45

Biblical Images of Bread in the New Testament

With a look at the Old Testament antecedents of bread references.  I will examine the meaning bread takes on in the New Testament.


Rev. Benjamin Fiore, SJ 


Adjunct Professor, Canisius University

Buffalo, NY

FRIDAY, JULY 5 at 12:45

Spiritual Freedom for Everyone's Freedom

The 2024 election is about whether we will take the next step in our country's evolution into being a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-faith inclusive democracy with freedom and flourishing for all without exception.  Along with the fragility of our democracy, we also have the first presidential election cycle in the era of AI.  Join Mary in reflecting on the spiritual disciplines we need to draw from during this pivotal moment in our country.


Mary J. Novak, JD

Executive Director NETWORK

Washington, DC


Week 3:  July 6 - July 12, 2024


THURSDAY, JULY 11 at 12:45


Routine or Celebration - What's Really Happening on Sunday?

Pope Francis' 2022 apostolic letter Desiderio Desideravi - "I have earnestly desired to eat this Passover meal with you" calls for a renewal of Ars Celebrandi - The Art of Celebrating Liturgy in prayer, worship, music, gesture, space, and symbol.  Is this happening in parish worship today?  What challenges remain to embrace fully Ars Celebrandi?

Rev. Michael Balash

Vicar for Clergy and religious Services /

Director, Worship Office

Diocese of Youngstown, OH



FRIDAY, JULY 12 at 12:45


Music of the Seasons - Marking the Seasons of the Liturgical Year with Music

Various signs, symbols, and colors mark the seasons of the liturgical year.  Perhaps more impactful than these, however, is the music we hear and sing that defines each of the liturgical seasons (Advent, Christmas/Epiphanytide, Lent, Paschal Triduum, and Easter).  Fr. Guiao will survey the music that shapes our Catholic faith, liturgical season after liturgical season.

Rev. Ray Guiao, SJ

President, St. Ignatius High School

Cleveland, OH


Week 4: July 13 - July 19, 2024


THURSDAY, JULY 18 at 12:45


Witness in the Ukraine (April 2024)

Four of us went to that war-torn country, at our own expense, to bear witness to the suffering of the Ukrainian people and to listen to their voices regarding the war.  Our focus was on the trauma of war and the mental health of the people, two years after the full-scale invasion by Russia.  We also wanted to meet people working with the Ukrainian military, to see how they are holding up and what they need.  My presentation will be a reflection on that witness.


Rev. Peter Daly

NCR Columnist, Immigration Attorney, Campus Minister, Retired

Archdiocese of Washington, DC


FRIDAY, JULY  19 at 12:45


Live in Joy:  Thomas Merton's Gift to Us

Thomas Merton reminds us that we are made for joy.  How then might we learn to live joyfully - even and especially in the midst of brokenness? What does Thomas Merton teach us about the "immense joy" of being human, the healing joy of communion and "cosmic joy"?


Christine Bochen, PhD

Professor Emerita of Religious Studies, 

Nazareth University

Rochester, NY


Week 5: July 20 - July 26, 2024


THURSDAY, JULY 25 at 12:45


An Odyssey of Love and Hope

From the bright lights of Hollywood to the decrepit landscape of Haiti, Gerry Straub is a man "thirsting for God."  He found his true life-script in following St. Francis and founding Santa Chiara Children's Center in Port-au-Prince.  Come and discover hope.


Rev. Paul Milanowski


Senior Priest, Peace activist

Diocese of Grand Rapids, MI


FRIDAY, JULY 26 at 12:45


Moments of Grace

I will share a few personal stories of how I experience grace in my life, and I will invite those there with me to come prepared to share their stories of grace in their lives.  We rarely let ourselves have these conversations in a group, or even one-to-one.

Maureen Rovegno, MDiv (Harvard)

Past Director, Department of Religion

Chautauqua Institution

Week 6: July 27 - August 2, 2024




The Art of Biblical Storytelling

The Bible does not contain theology; the Bible is theology.  How the story is told reveals as much about God as what the story tells us.  Join us for an exploration of the unique artistry of Biblical narratives as we deepen our appreciation for how these inspired stories are told.


Rev. David Mowry


Waud Chair of Homiletics

University of St. Mary of the Lake

Mundelein, IL


FRIDAY, AUGUST 2 at 12:45


The Relationship Between Religion and Opera

Religion has had an influence upon opera from its very beginnings.  Although commonly believed that opera began during the Renaissance in Florence, its origins can actually be traced back to medieval mysteries plays such as The Play of Daniel, The Play of Herod, and Hildegard of Bingen's Ordo Virtutum.  This religious influence continues to this day with one of the most exciting contemporary operas being Jack Heggie's Dead Man Walking, the story of Sister Helen Prejean's relationship with a convict on death row.


Rev. Jacob Ledwon, PhD


Founder of Opera Sacra, Retired Priest

Diocese of Buffalo, NY


Week 7: August 3 - August 9, 2024




Not a Body with a Soul but a Soul with a Body

Traditional Western antropology supposes that our souls are located inside our bodies.  But the soul, great and eternal, could never be contained inside like a nesting doll.  Explore what it means for human beings to be enfleshed spirits and the implications this has for each of us to live our lives infused with wonder.


Rev. Scott VanDerveer

Pastor, St. Mary's Parish

Glens Falls, NY, Diocese of Albany


FRIDAY, AUGUST 9 at 12:45


Between Cello and Chalice:  The Liturgical Wisdom of Yo-Yo Ma

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma is recognized internationally as one of the greatest musicians of his generation.  He is also known to be a tireless "evangelist" of his art who attracts to his performances listeners with little other connection to the classical music scene.  This presentation will examine the lessons that Catholic parish communities in this country and elsewhere might draw from Ma as they strive to make beauty an essential part of their liturgical lives and outreach to others.


Michael DeSanctis, PhD

Professor Emeritus of Fine Arts and Theology,

Gannon University

Scholar in Residence for Sacred Sites and Artifacts, Jefferson Educational Center

Erie, PA


Week 8: August 10 - 16, 2024


THURSDAY, AUGUST 15 at 12:45


Finding God in All Things: An Introduction to Jesuit Spirituality

We will explore some of the fundamental insights of St. Ignatius of Loyala, founder of the Jesuits, and how these lessons can help enliven our faith, enrich our daily life, and make better decisions.


Rev. Kevin O'Brien, SJ


Author and Executive Director, Bellarmine Fairfield, an innovative two-year Associate's Degree program in Bridgeport, CT


FRIDAY, AUGUST 16 at 12:45


Christians on a Mission in a Polarized World / Church

It is important to understand what has led us as a nation and Church to become so polarized in our politics.  We need to honestly recognize it as best we can and to name its presence in the contemporary society of our western democratic nation.  It is also important for us as Christians to address a "way forward" and to work together toward  understanding, healing, reconciliation, and renewal.

Rev. Francis Gargani CSsR

Redemptorists' Ministry of Evangelization

Washington, DC


Week 9: August 17 - 25, 2024


THURSDAY, AUGUST 22 at 12:45

The Ethics of Dying

Medical ethics has achieved prominence in the healthcare field due to concerns resulting from increased use of technology.  This technology complicates the dying process for everyone. Medical Ethics has been among the most thoughtful disciplines seeking to provide guidance for all.  While many practices will necessarily be translated into law, the pastoral care person can be a reliable help to everyone involved. The purpose of my presentation is to provide some insight into these types of situations.  These situations include the process of a person becoming a patient, patient rights, guidelines for ethical decision-making, advanced directives, as well as MOLSTs.


Rev. Richard Augustyn

Manager, Pastoral Care / Volunteer Services

Buffalo General Medical Center / Gates Vascular Institute

Buffalo, NY 

FRIDAY, AUGUST 23 at 12:45


Eucharist - Noun or Verb?

The National Eucharistic Revival is a movement to restore understanding and devotion to this great mystery here in the United States by helping us renew our worship of Jesus Christ. How is Christ present among his people and what does the Church teach about the "Real Presence" and its meaning for us today?


Rev. Ed Palumbos

Retired Priest

Diocese of Rochester, NY


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