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Jose Arellano, Ray, Patt, Ania, and Aida
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Catholic House will welcome guests during the nine-week Chautauqua 2023 Season.

Our Catholic House Hosts

Deacon Ray and Patt Defendorf

Our Host Couples each host a portion of the season

During the off-season, Ray and Patt reside in Corning, NY where they lead active lives. Ray, a Senior Status “retired” Deacon currently Cantors at Mass at St. Catherine’s Church in Addison, NY, and participates in several online prayer groups. He is a Corning Rotarian and serves on several Corning area Boards.

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Patt is a retired educator and Social Services Family Worker. She is active in the Chorus of the Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes and spends as much time as possible with the couple's five grandchildren.

Patt and Ray also travel extensively. In the spring of 2021, Patt arranged the couple’s 28- day tour of the Civil Rights Trail which she titled “Sites, Bites, and Civil Rights.” In October 2021, they hosted 23 people on a trip to Dubai and Egypt with Sr. Joan Chittister. Ray has hosted  24 pilgrimages to the Holy Land and will return in January 2023.  The couple will host a Rhine River Cruise with Sr. Joan Chittister in October 2023.

Deacon Ron and Sylvia Dains

Our Host Couples each host a portion of the season

Ron and Sylvia spend the off-season at their home in Bradenton, FL where they are active members of St. Joseph’s Parish Ron continues to serve as a Parish Deacon. Sylvia enjoys writing and sharing her deep spirituality. Sylvia’s first book Without Majesty: A Reflection on the Last Words of Jesus, the Christ is a collection of meditations for the Lenten season.

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Her second book, Joyful Mysteries will be published in December. It is a collection of Advent reflections based on the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary. They will both be available on Amazon.

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